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Nov 5, 2013

Bengali Actor Arindam Sil House Photos

A home is a place that truly reflects the personalities of its inhabitants. This especially holds true for the home of Bengali Actor Arindam Sil and his wife Sukla, as it is both warm and welcoming.

Bengali Actor Arindam Sil with Wife Sukla


Bengali Actor Arindam Sil House Photos

On entering this 3 BHK apartment in one of the upscale complexes in north Kolkata, you are greeted by the warm hospitality of Sukla. Spread across 1,325 sq. ft. area, this home is designed by Arindam as per the preferences of his wife and teenage daughter. Near the doorway, we see two beautiful paintings to which Sukla quickly informs, “The paintings are done by our daughter.” The spacious living-cum-dining room is flanked by an open kitchen and uses a lot of woodwork and panelling, lending warmth to the overall decor scheme. The wood furniture with rich upholstery and a chic carpet accentuates the appeal of the space.

Speaking about the home, Arindam says, “This home has been designed keeping in mind the tastes of each family member. We have used a lot of wood as it exudes warmth and is very earthy.” As he feels claustrophobic in confined areas, each room has huge windows, allowing in natural light and lending a sense of openness to the space.

Bengali Actor Arindam Sil House Photos

Being an art connoisseur, Arindam has several paintings by artists Ananta Mandal and Saikat Patra as well as original litho prints of the works of Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Henri Matisse. The home also houses several souvenirs from their various travels in India and abroad. The green stone cat sculpture and vase from the US is especially enchanting. “I am fascinated by the Oriental culture and have a good collection of these art pieces.

In fact, I have many sculptures depicting Buddhist and Tibetan culture. I also have a small statue of Buddha’s head in pink stone near my bedside,” the actor adds. He is also a Radha-Krishna devotee, which explains the huge painting of the Goddess and God by Saikat Patra.

Bengali Actor Arindam Sil House Photos

A passageway leads one from the living room to the bedrooms. This space is accentuated with an illuminated stain glass ceiling. The side walls have pictures of Arindam, Sukla and their daughter with other family members. This gives the space a personal touch.

Bengali Actor Arindam Sil House Photos

One of the bedrooms has been converted to an adda room. As most Bengalis would know, adda is a space to relax. Here on one side of the wall is an original poster of Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali, while on the other is a painting by Mahendra Gupta commissioned for Arindam’s film Aborto. An interestingly decorated Rajasthani drum set is kept here for an impromptu jam session. There is also a painting by Arindam’s daughter along with African and Thai masks and a large bookshelf. “Many of the books here are 200-250 years old and are as good as family heirloom. A copy of Mahabharata is almost 250 years old,” says this ardent reader. In fact, his wife and daughter are avid readers too.

Bengali Actor Arindam Sil House Photos

Bengali Actor Arindam Sil House Photos

The daughter’s bedroom is done in aquamarine shades. This colour scheme from the wall continues to the window drapes and wardrobe laminates. It gives the space a young and peppy look, apt for a teenager’s room. Their master bedroom, however, has a richer colour scheme with copper and gold finishes on the wall. The wardrobe laminates and opaque curtains too are done in rich hues.

This apartment, like the owners, exudes warmth and beautifully mirrors their personalities.
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