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Sep 4, 2016

Bollywood Director Kabir Khan & TV Host Mini Mathur House Pics

Bollywood director Kabir Khan and his wife Television (TV) host Mini Mathur believe beauty lies in the details. They find joy in the small things. A begonia plant. A blue window. Wine on the terrace.

Bollywood Director Kabir Khan & TV Host Mini Mathur House Pics

Old world home interiors that feature warm textures, colours that mimic nature, terracotta tiles, an overgrown foliage – these are the trademarks of the cosy, yet eclectic Mediterranean aesthetic. And this is what Bollywood director Kabir Khan and his Television (TV) host wife Mini Mathur seem to have imbibed in their rustic yet casual Mumbai home.

The couple has curated a collection of treasures in their terrace flat that tell stories of the places they’ve travelled to. “I am a treasure hunter, the search is as important as the piece. Everything has a story and the story is my inspiration,” smiles Mini Mathur.

Their beautifully designed asymmetrical home is a pleasure for sore eyes in this cramped city of Mumbai. “Mini has an incredible eye,” says a proud Kabir Khan, pointing towards his wife. “I was involved in the entire process when we were setting up the house, like the structure, colours, etc. But Mini is the one who’s always reinventing it. She’s very house-proud. She loves to cook, so the kitchen is the centre of attraction for her. Her contribution is 60 per cent in making our house look the way it does today and mine is just 40.”

“C’mon, it has to be more than that,” jokes Mini Mathur. Surprisingly, Kabir Khan doesn’t disagree. Says he, Okay but just a little more. Only because the first thing you do when you travel anywhere is enter a home decor store.”

It’s the unevenness of their home that truly makes it so charming. It’s warm and welcoming. The kind of place you’d love to chill out in. “And to think that we almost didn’t buy this house,” recollects Mini. “When we first saw it, it looked like crap. It was dirty, one part of it wasn’t constructed. There were spikes all over the place. A while after that when we actually discussed it, we realised that the best part about the house was that it wasn’t done up and it wasn’t uniform, which means we could do whatever we wanted with it. The weirdness of the space is what made it interesting for us. We loved the three jutting out terraces. It’s spacious as hell. Today, our drawing room, bedrooms and entertainment area, all open out to our terrace.”

Kabir Khan reiterates her sentiments. “Mini and I are both from Delhi and there’s a certain sense of space that Delhi houses have. So we were always keen on buying a spacious house. In a place like Mumbai, which is so breezy, an open house is the best. We’re glad we got a little bit of Delhi in our Mumbai house.”

Like Kabir Khan says, their home has a nice freewheeling attitude. The fact that it doesn’t follow a particular theme is what sets it apart. And the icing on the cake is that all the different elements fit into their house perfectly. The attic, which the duo has converted into the guest bedroom, is Kabir Khan’s thinking room. “It’s sort of an isolated space in the house. Though it’s in the centre, it’s elevated. So when I work there, I feel like I am in Goa, which is why I can easily detach and relax. Most of my scripts are written there. In fact, the attached bathroom is the best bathroom in the house because it overlooks the entire Lokhandwala area.”

Another unique quality about their home is that unlike other filmi houses, it doesn’t have a wall of fame. “See, my work space is not my home space.

I am extremely passionate about films and it is an integral part of my life but film posters, etc. are all for my office space.” Ask the couple what their favourite place in their house is and Mini instantly replies, “The bar area, which extends into the seating area on the terrace. It’s our favourite place to chill. We spend the maximum time there. Whether it’s drinking our morning tea or having drinks with friends at night, that little terrace is used more than the big terrace. The good part is that it never gets hot outside, so we can spend the maximum time on the terrace,” she pauses. “Both Kabir and I hate air conditioners; we use them for just about 30-40 days a year because our house always enjoys a lovely breeze.” With it’s sunny, romantic and eclectic vibe, this is the kind of place many of us would like to call home. Won’t you agree?
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