Actor Suniel Shetty House Pics

Actor Suniel Shetty & his wife Mana Shetty invite into their dream home in Khandala. A holiday home is your space, where you can unwind and relax. And Suniel Shetty’s bungalow in Khandala is just that. Resembling a beautiful resort, the actor calls it ‘his second home’. As soon as you enter the house, the glorious greenery has the quiet elegance and peaceful ambience that can help soothe your nerves. Replete with Buddhist images and idols, a small lake, farm animals and dogs – his house makes for the perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. In fact, the colonial backyard with the infinity pool will make you want to throw a lavish party. For the first time ever, Suniel allows the media into his personal space. And it was definitely worth the wait…


The grand entrance

Way to the backyard

Actor Suniel Shetty & wife Mana Shetty chilling with their dogs

Top view of the pool

Actor Suniel Shetty private gazebo

Actor Suniel Shetty with his Buddha idols

The backyard

Actor Suniel Shetty with wife Mana Shetty on the bridge

Actor Suniel Shetty at the wall of masks

The stairways

Actor Suniel Shetty with his geese

Natural  Beauty

“This house takes me back to my roots in Mangalore. Nature means a lot to me. Where I come from, there’s ocean in the front and backwaters behind. When I was making my house, I definitely wanted the water element. The minute I hit upon a spring, I decided I wanted to nurture it. So I converted the small spring into a dam and made sure that I am self-sufficient when it comes to water. I wanted it to look more like a forest than a nurtured garden. And for me, this is home. Every tree has been planted either by me, my wife or my children —Athiya and Aahan.”

Incredible Interiors

“I’ve been obsessed with architecture and nature. So wherever I go, I always try to bring something about that place back with me. Mana’s from an architectural background too. She’s done her textile designing and now, after 25 years, she wants to do interiors because she loves it. So she’s coming up with our store called ‘R House – Interiors Matter’. The wall in our living room has a collection of masks from all over Africa”

Suniel insists that though it looks extravagant, his is an inexpensive house. The materials used are all natural, which makes it very cost-effective.

Saving Energy

“I have a windmill and a solar energy system in my house. The lights work on solar and 30-40 per cent of my electricity works on wind power. Saving energy is very important. Khandala doesn’t have electricity for at least three to four hours a day. If I go to the hills and put on a generator, what’s the point?”

A View To Die For

“It has taken me almost five years to build the house and I’m still adding to it. From ducks and geese to roosters and dogs, we have all kind of animals. I actually call it Old MacDonald’s farm. It will be perfect for my grandchildren. The reason I’ve made an infinity pool with a bar and food area is because you can’t get a better location for a pool like this. If you stand in the pool, all you can see are picturesque mountains. It’s stunning. I bought this plot only because of it's location and amazing view.”

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