Actor Ayushmann Khurrana & Wife Tahira Kashyap Love Story

Rafael Ortiz has rightly said that love is not about finding someone to live with but is about finding someone you cannot live without. And, when it comes to VJ/anchor-turned-actor Ayushmann Khurrana and his love story, one can just be assured about the universal truth behind the saying.

Bollywood Actor Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann Khurrana was born on September 14, 1984 in Chandigarh, India to parents father Mr. P Khurrana, is an astrologer and an author on the subject of astrology, while his mother Poonam Khurrana is a house wife and a qualified M.A. in Hindi. His brother Aparshakti Khurrana is a radio jockey at OYE 104.8 FM in Delhi and is going to make debut in 2016 Aamir Khan starrer film Dangal.

Ayushmann Khurrana is married to his childhood friend Tahira Kashyap in 2011, she is a professor of mass communication and journalism in Mumbai and the author of two books. She also writes and directs plays in Chandigarh, her hometown. They have two children (kids), a son named Virajveer Khurrana (born 2 January 2012) and a daughter named Varushka Khurrana (born 21 April 2014).




The Vicky Donor actor with his pretty wife Tahira Kashyap - who is an author and a lecturer in Mumbai - talks about their courtship days in Chandigarh, the proposal and the addiction that Tahira is in his life. Well, his lady love gets mushy too and talks about her now successful husband. They have a son named Virajveer Khurrana (b 2012).

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana with Wife Tahira Kashyap


How they met

Both Ayushmann and Tahira know each other for the past 12 years now. "I have actually grown up with Tahira. We met after high school and were family friends. We had tuitions together and later pursued master's degrees in Mass Communication at PU together," says Ayushmann.

Tahira chips in, "He was a part of Aaghaaz in DAV College and I was a part of the SD College theatre group. Later, we floated a new theatre group outside our colleges, Manchtantra. Pizzeria in Sector 9, Kashyap canteen and Stu-C on PU campus and Stop n' Stare in Sector 10 were our favourite haunts."


Actor Ayushmann Khurrana with Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana with Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana with Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana with Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana with Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana with Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana with Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana with Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana Wife Tahira Kashyap

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana with Wife Tahira Kashyap

On proposing love

Ayushmann smiles, "I was a shy guy from an all-boys' school and college, and Tahira was the first girl I met and fell in love with and proposed." Tahira says, "Ayushmann formally proposed to me just last year when we got married in November 2011. He did it like a gentleman with a ring, music playing in the background, red roses, wine and a romantic candlelight dinner."

What I love about her…

"Tahira is more intelligent than I am, she keeps me grounded and she is so beautiful."

What I love about him…

"Ayushmann is a sensitive, romantic and a very caring person. He makes sure he gives me enough love and attention to keep me happy."

The gifts they shared

Tahira says, "One fine day, Ayushmann came to me and asked me to pack bags and we headed to a beautiful vacation down south." Ayushmann adds, "Tahira gifted me a beautiful album wherein she had traced our love story as and how it had happened; strewn with beautiful photographs of memorable times we had together."

Life after Vicky Donor

"Forget about sharing a meal, Ayush and I barely get time to catch morning tea together because he has been loaded with offers after Vicky Donor. However, we still take time out for a drive or a quiet dinner," says Tahira.

On marrying a film star

"We know each other rather too well. I completely trust him and I am comfortable in my relationship. He makes me feel so loved and blessed that there is no scope for any misunderstanding." She crosses her fingers and adds, "Now I am a star wife, so watch out for me making red carpet appearances next year when Ayushmann goes to receive his well-earned awards…"


We were family friends and I met her at 16. She is my first and last girlfriend and I told her the first day we met that I would marry her. We have been married four years now and have a one-year-old son. While she normally travels with me, she is doing her PHD so she goes to Chandigarh to give her exams. We were together in tuitions and she was the prettiest girl there, whereas I used to come on my small Kinetic Honda with braces on. She used to come in a car and was the most popular girl while I was just another guy. It’s surreal as I am getting all the attention suddenly now. The only thing that stresses her a lot is that we don’t have enough time for each other. When I was on TV, I would work only 10 days a month and was really laid-back. Working 24 x 7 doesn’t come naturally to me. My wife keeps me grounded always. If my dad gives me ambition and my mom, patience, my wife makes me stable. She is the first one to tell me you can never be an actor as I never looked like one. In fact, she was the first one I confessed to that I want to be an actor. She had laughed. I used to get so nervous in front of her. Even now, if I am performing on stage, she is not there with me as I get conscious. But if I am in the audience receiving an award, she is with me.

You are married. Not much has been written about your personal life. Why?

Because nobody was interested to know anything about my personal relationship when I was just a veejay! You just didn’t ask before. Now since I’m kind of a film star, everyone’s been asking me about my relationship and everyone knows — I’m married! Tahira (his wife) and I did a sort of ritual a few years back, but we got legally married only eleven months ago. She’s a lecturer and author. She’s not from this industry, so maybe, that’s why people didn’t get a hint of it.

How is your wife reacting to you getting attention from women?

We’ve been together for the past 11 years, from the time we were 16-year-olds! She’s my first and last girlfriend. Chandigarh is a small town, where everybody knows each other and I have always been popular. I was involved in a lot of theatre groups, so I used to get quite a bit of attention back in those days too. But Tahira is very secure as a person.

Considering she doesn’t belong to the film industry, at some point she’s bound to get insecure. How are you going to deal with that?

She hasn’t been insecure till now. And I don’t think in the future too there will be any case of insecurity. I’ve been in Mumbai for the past four years, and before we got married, I was staying alone. Even when I was in Delhi, I was staying by myself. Now, we stay together. But even then, she travels a lot and I am out for my shoots. So there’s no point being insecure.

Now that you’re going to be working alongside a lot of beautiful women, how are you going to resist the temptation?

Till now I have resisted the temptation! Even though I’ve had a kissing scene in my film.

Is your wife okay with you doing intimate scenes?

It’s not easy, when you are committed to someone or married, but keeping the storyline in mind, or if the script demands it, let’s see... But I’ll prefer not doing it.

Apparently, you write poetry. Are you a romantic guy? How would you woo a woman?

I have written a couple poems in Hindi. Yes, I am a romantic person. For someone who is committed to his partner for the past 11 years and has married the first girl whom he dated, I think I’m very romantic. The best part is that we have maintained the perfect space between us. She’s busy writing her books, while I’m also busy with my schedule. But I fall in love every time I see her. Again and again. Maybe problems arise when you are together 24x7. You should just maintain some space. As for wooing, I can sing, play the guitar and write poetry. Or I can just be my natural self!


Tahira Kashyap, a mass-communication professor and an author is a woman in her own right. Being married to her childhood sweetheart, Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana has been her constant source of inspiration.

Author of two books — I Promise, a novel and Souled Out, a collection of short stories, she tells us how the former was a planned action and the other a mirror of fate. But both were steeped in moments of inspiration that sought its release in the pages of her book.

When asked whether it is tough being a celebrity’s spouse, she confides, “Ayushmann and I are two creative individuals and share the same value system without intruding the other’s space.”

She also shares how Ayushmann has been a pillar of strength. “Giving me the freedom to write with the lights on in the middle of the night means a lot. He was my sounding board as whenever he would come back from work, I would eagerly narrate my latest plot to him. He would grasp every word, soaking them up like a child but be very objective in his final analysis,” she says.

“Having a constant word of encouragement to keep me going has reiterated my faith in myself,” she adds.


Ayushmann Khurrana is an Indian television anchor, film actor and singer. Ayushmann Khurrana started his career when he turned out to be the winner in MTV Roadies Season 2. In 2012, Ayushmann Khurrana made his Bollywood debut in Shoojit Sircar's romantic comedy Vicky Donor, which touched on the topic of sperm donation. Upon release, the film was a critical and commercial success, and Ayushmann Khurrana received positive reviews for his performance.

Ayushmann Khurrana is a native of Chandigarh and his family is still based there. His father P Khurrana, is a renowned astrologer and an author on the subject of astrology, while his mother Poonam is a house wife and a qualified M.A. in Hindi. His brother Aparshakti Khurrana is a Radio Jockey at OYE 104.8 FM in Delhi. He is married to his childhood sweetheart Tahira Kashyap in 2011. They have a son.

He studied at St. John’s High School and DAV College in Chandigarh. He majored in English Literature and has done Masters in Mass Communication from School of Communication Studies, Punjab University, Chandigarh.

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