MTV Roadies Twin Brothers Raghu Ram & Rajiv Lakshman Childhood Pics

MTV Roadies twin brothers Raghu Ram & Rajiv Lakshman (Laxman) were born on 15 April 1975 in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India to Viswanath Ambadapudi (Father) & Radha Viswanath (Mother). Their father is a Chartered Accountant and mother a reputed political affairs journalist. They were raised in Delhi. They also have an younger sister Supriya Nistala, she is married & have a daughter. She lives in Singapore.

Raghu Ram & Rajiv Lakshman (Laxman) studied at the Woodstock School in Landour, Uttarakhand. They later attended the University of Delhi in Delhi. In the first year, both were students of Deshbandhu College, but in the second year, they joined Sri Venkateswara College.

MTV Roadies Twin Brothers Raghu Ram & Rajiv Lakshman (Laxman)

Raghu Ram is married to actress Sugandha Garg & Rajiv Lakshman is married to Susan Lakshman. They have a son Vedaant (Noah).


Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman, for people who don't know them well, it might get a tad confusing to differentiate between the two.

But those who do, know that Raghu is nowhere near the angry young man image he presents on the small screen. Instead, when they chat, he let Rajiv do most of the talking. Here, the twins discuss their bonding:

Real twins!

Raghu: When we were kids, our parents used to get the same cloth material and get two outfits stitched. Till
standard eighth, we were seen as freaks! Teachers used to come to our class and say ‘Can I borrow your twins? My class wants to see them’. It was crazy how children used to touch and see if we were real!
Rajiv: We realised that it's something special and unique. When we went to a television office for the first time wearing the same clothes, the entire office came to see us. Now we both are married but we still share the same bond, be it sharing clothes or anything else. I still wear Raghu's clothes most of the times — he certainly has more stylish clothes than me! (laughs)


MTV Roadies Twin Brothers Raghu Ram & Rajiv Lakshman (Laxman) Childhood Pic with Younger Sister Supriya Nistala

MTV Roadies Twin Brothers Raghu Ram & Rajiv Lakshman (Laxman) Childhood Pic with Father Viswanath Ambadapudi

Rajiv exists

Raghu: Oh we have had many, we still have! The media often mistakes Rajiv for me and vice versa. But Rajiv is more outgoing than me and goes to parties.
Rajiv: The biggest case of mistaken identity was when I joined his TV show in the sixth and people went to the extent of saying it’s some camera trick! In London, a shopkeeper came and hugged me and said ‘Hi Raghu’. I told him I’am Rajiv. After a second he said, “Oh accha, Rajiv exists!”

Bond with a twist

Raghu: Once I was down with jaundice and was at home. Rajiv had gone to school. Suddenly my fever shot up. Everyday, his temperature used to shoot up in class whenever my temperature used to shoot up at home.
Rajiv: Once I was sitting outside a Gurudwara in the evening and I felt someone slap me on my cheek. I just ran home, and there I found out that Raghu had been slapped at home and I felt it

Biwi o biwi

Raghu: I don't know how it happened but our wives also look similar. In fact, a lot of people think they are
Rajiv: Some even ask that if we married them because they look similar. (laughs) 

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