Actress Rituparna Sengupta House Photos

The Kolkata home of actress Rituparna Sengupta is riveting with vibrant design elements.

On the 21st floor of an upscale South City building complex in Kolkata lies the bright and colourful home of actress Rituparna Sengupta. This sprawling 3BHK home is one of the few apartments she owns in the city. Considering that her businessman husband, Sanjoy Chakrabarty, shuttles between the US-Singapore and India, most of the furniture pieces are imported. In fact, he has also given some designing ideas which were then executed by Elegant Decor.

Actress Rituparna Sengupta


Actress Rituparna Sengupta House Pics

Actress Rituparna Sengupta House Pics

“We bought the sofa in the living room from the US. While, the bookshelf in the living room and the other red shelf and side-tables are from Singapore,” says Rituparna Sengupta.

Actress Rituparna Sengupta House Pics

At one end of the living room, the dining table overlooking the verandah gives a good view of the city’s skyline. The rustic-looking dining table complements the tall bookshelf.

The bookshelf is complete with literature on varied subjects and of different authors both Indian and international. Noticing me looking at the number of books, Rituparna smiles and says, “My husband and I love reading. However, he reads a lot more than me. Most of the books here are Sanjoy’s collection.” Beside the bookshelf is a console that has several memorabilia collected from their various travels with Rituparna Sengupta’s Best Actress award taking the centre stage.

Actress Rituparna Sengupta House Pics

On the other side of the room, an oversized sofa and a striking centre table is impressive. Here, the huge painting possessing strong red elements is captivating and gives the room a distinct character. This matches well with the vibrant red tall wall unit on it. This sleek unit makes space for small artistic figurines. To tone down the burst of colour, Rituparna Sengupta has kept a dresser, displaying glass items. This addition gives the space a sophisticated appeal.

The wall facing the seating area is painted in bright yellow. A part of this wall has a stone finish where a huge LCD screen is mounted. Towards the end of this stone wall is an encased dark wood cabinet. The sides of the cabinet have a CD rack with a good collection of movie CDs and DVDs.

The kitchen with a store room and dry balcony attached makes it look spacious. One of the bedrooms has been converted into a study. The decor here is simple with minimal furniture including a striking study table and two tables at the side. The room has strong golden elements like the frame of the mirror and the colour of the window drapes.

Actress Rituparna Sengupta House Pics

The bedrooms have dark wood wardrobes covering an entire wall and the decor scheme is strictly Bengali. The smart use of wood and Zamindar-style antique dressing table gives the space an opulent and traditional appeal. The windows have orange blinds which add vibrancy to the room.

Actress Rituparna Sengupta House Pics

Interestingly, the home does not have an oversized photograph of the star. There are just two small frames of the star on two side-tables. This is evidence that Rituparna Sengupta’s home is her personal space.

Without over-imposing design elements, Rituparna Sengupta’s home is more like her—understated yet charismatic.

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