5 Indian celebrities who like to gamble

Indian casino game and movie popularity has experienced a substantial upsurge since the advent of online casinos, even with their stringent regulations in place. These online platforms have attracted people interested in either gaming or testing their luck; many celebrities in India endorse and invest substantial amounts into gambling activities as a form of entertainment and social status. This piece aims to showcase these individuals.

Indian Celebrities Who Engage in Gambling and Their Preferred Gaming Preferences

Many Indian celebrities, particularly those in Bollywood, like gambling. Although we don’t know for sure which gambling platform these celebs use, many Indian bettors choose reliable Indian gaming sites like Lottoland. 

It’s time to delve deeper into their world as we explore further their interests in online casinos.

Akshay Kumar 

Akshay Kumar, 54 years old and one of Bollywood's premier actors and martial artists, is widely revered for his stunning performances in movies like 'Hera Pheri' (2000/2003), 'Airlift' (2016), and Raksha Bandhan (2022), among many others. Kumar has not only shown an affinity for acting but has also shown a great passion for casino card games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Three Card Poker. According to the Indian casino market, Akshay's luck often prevails, and he often emerges victorious when participating in these casino contests. Evidently, gambling runs deep in Kumar's family tree as he took his mother on a casino-hopping adventure in Singapore to mark her 80th birthday celebrations. On Instagram, he expressed his joy in taking her to her favourite place - the casino!

Ravi Kapoor 

Ravi Kapoor, popularly known by his stage name Jeetendra, is an esteemed Bollywood celebrity best known for his performances in classic films such as 'Nagina' (1986) and 'Humjoli' (1970). While working in film, Jeetendra enjoys spending his free time relaxing at casinos in Goa, where he partakes in his passion for card and table games such as Craps and Roulette - similar to Craps or Roulette at real casinos! Additionally, his mansion in Bombay doubles up as an actual casino, complete with various gambling tables as well as Rummy counters for hosting lavish casino parties - earning him the moniker 'King of Card Parties' within Bollywood!

Minissha Lamba 

Minissha Lamba, aged 37, is a beloved Bollywood actress known for her passion for gambling and participation in events such as Minissha Poker Tournament (Deltin) and Well Done Abba (2010). In addition to acting, Lamba also holds expertise as a poker player, having competed in several tournaments, including Delta Poker Tournament (Deltin) and India Poker Championship. Most notably, she competed at WPT500 Aria Poker Tournament held in Las Vegas (WPT500 Aria Tournament), where she placed third among female Indian poker players.

Herman Baweja 

Herman Baweja, aged 35, is an esteemed Bollywood actor as well as a prominent presence on the Indian Poker circuit. He made his film industry debut as the protagonist doctor in 'Love Story 2050' (2008); since then, his acting skills have become even more evident through numerous roles he's taken on, including dancing roles in films like this and, more recently, participating in IPC 10K Freezeout in 2010 and IPC 30K events like these as well as others.

Aamir Khan 

Aamir Khan is an esteemed Bollywood actor known for his diverse roles in films like 'Lagaan' (2001), '3 Idiots (2009), and 'Dangal' (2016). Additionally, Aamir has become well-known for his interest in casino gaming, having been seen spotted at casinos multiple times. There have been reports that he hosts occasional card parties at his bungalow. However, playing poker may be considered part of Aamir Khan's repertoire, but he doesn't possess equal skill or expertise as his acting counterpart would require. For Aamir, playing is part of Diwali tradition as well, and so he eagerly anticipates when Diwali comes around so he can indulge his passion!

Other Indian Celebrities Who Enjoy Gambling

Alongside those already mentioned, other celebrities from India who love casino gaming include Shahid Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, and Shilpa Shetty, among many others. Although some enjoy poker while others favour slots or Roulette; nonetheless card games such as blackjack or baccarat remain among their ranks.


India's growing online casino popularity has attracted the interest and participation of Indian celebrities in gambling activities, particularly Bollywood stars who like to participate in such games. For example, Akshay Kumar favours casino card games, while Ravi Kapoor prefers table games like Craps and Roulette; Minissha Lamba excels as a poker player, while Herman Baweja makes regular appearances on the Indian Poker circuit; these celebrities each have different preferences when it comes to gaming options. While celebrities such as Aamir Khan may enjoy occasional card parties or slot machines, others like Shilpa Shetty prefer slot machines as entertainment and social status symbols.

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